Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're Still Here!

Okay, so I'm embarrassed that its been several weeks since I've posted, but we're still here! Everyone is alive and well!! Tommy and I spent 4 days in Denver, at a chiropractic conference. It was really great, and I managed to squeeze in a little time with my parents too! The last few weekends have been crazy, between work on the deck, Mother's Day, and Tommy's fight (which I will blog about as soon as I get the pics and hopefully video!) but it's been fun!

Yesterday, I went to check out a bird's nest that an industrious little bird built about 6 hrs after we had put up the base of the deck. We were sure that with all the commotion, the bird had left for a quieter, safer spot. So I was sooo excited and surprised when I saw this:

The girls were so excited to see the babies, and we stood back and watched the Mama Bird as it brought a big worm to the nest. It was like National Geographic in my backyard! It was so cool!

While Tommy and I worked on the deck, the girls managed to have a little fun.

Now you might think it mean of me to stop, go inside the house, get the camera, and take a picture of my child stuck on top of her playset. But I wanted you to see how Ava spent most of her afternoon. She would get stuck, I would free her.........and I-kid-you-not, 45 seconds later that child would be stuck again. I freed her the first 4-5 times, after that Abbi (ever the loving sister) got really good at wrapping her arms around Ava's waist and pulling her (like a little wounded army man) into the fort. Crazy Ava Claire!


Melanie said...

I was starting to wonder what was going on:) Love the bird shots. Man, they work fast! Love seeing pics of the girls too of course!

Ruth said...

I love it! I can hear you saying every word you've typed. Your girls are so beautiful! Keep posting. don't miss the red neck videos of my brother Joe four-wheeling in vernal, on our family blog.

Stephanie said...

great pics!!!!!!!