Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter of the Deck!

Wow, did we have an Easter! Most of the (entire) Dickerson family came to our house this weekend and we had an old-fashoned deck raising (?)! We had a little over 20 people over to our house throughout the course of the weekend. We started with a deck that looked like THIS.........

Yep, we bought a house with a deck that looked like this (cringe)

And ended the weekend with a deck that looks that looks like this..............

Cheers, hooray's, some wild arm flailing!!!

Thanks to many hard workers and a truly obscene amount of food(no joke: 2 hams, an entire turkey, stuffing, 4 potato dishes, 5 various creamed, noodled salads, 3 trays of rolls, bags of chips & dips, fruit/veggies trays, much beer......) We made some great progress. Obviously, we still have a railing and stairs to complete, but the majority of it is behind us!

The Easter bunny (although tired) made it through the construction zone and managed to leave baskets and stuff some eggs!

Egg dying is serious stuff......... requires great concentration

Everybody say "No more pictures Mom!"

My little Easter Bunnies!!


Mom/Mimi K said...

Deck is looking GREAT - can't wait to see it finished. Girls look so cute in their Easter outfits. Love, Mom

Melanie said...

I'm glad you fixed this to be able to comment:) LOVE the progress on the deck. It is also very fun to see the house! Girls look adorable and so big. Love the blogging too!